Meet Siavash - TechBuddy's CSO!

Meet Siavash Habibi, TechBuddy's Chief Strategy Officer! Siavash has worked at TechBuddy for a little over a year. Three months before he started, he was on a retreat in Greece organized by a former employer and friend, where he became a roommate with another guest, Tahero Nori - CEO of TechBuddy.

“After a few days, he told me about TechBuddy. I thought it was a smart business model and had a lot of ideas - shortly thereafter, Tahero offered me the opportunity to come over to TechBuddy and push through those ideas."

Siavash Habibi with Tahero Nori, CEO of TechBuddy.

In his role as CSO, Siavash identifies opportunities in the market, the future and alternative ways of working to constantly develop for the better. He has many meetings - internal meetings in the form of workshops to start a project, solve a specific problem, or coordinate between different international teams, or external meetings to explore or develop new opportunities in the form of partnerships and collaborations. In addition, he is overall responsible for operations in Sweden.

Working with TechBuddy's vision and mission - improving the lives of those working in the gig economy, combating digital exclusion, and contributing to more sustainable consumer electronics consumption - are major parts of Siavash's everyday work. A normal day at work? "It feels difficult to think back of an 'ordinary day', when unexpected things are constantly occurring. Ordinary days are not common at TechBuddy!"

Three things he can't live without? Breakfast, lunch and his todo list. "I would have mentioned coffee, but it feels so self-explanatory."

The best thing about working at TechBuddy according to Siavash is that there is always alot going on. "The possibilities are endless, and it often takes a long time to go from idea to action. Seeing the effects of various initiatives, partnerships, and decisions is one of the most fun things about working at TechBuddy. We have a long-term roadmap that is really exciting, and scary. There is no lack of ambition or courage when formulating our dreams for TechBuddy. At the same time, we definitely have our challenges too, but that's often part of the charm. I also enjoy being a part of a journey, and it is a true adventure to work here." 

My why is to bring out and share the best of our potential, so that we continuously improve people's everyday lives. - Siavash Habibi


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