TechBuddy and nHack to explore Asia growth opportunities

Tahero Nori and Chris Rynning about the new collaboration between TechBuddy and nHack

TechBuddy and nHack is proud to hereby announce that nHack has become an strategic equity investor of TechBuddy.

TechBuddy is a rapidly growing Swedish tech company with a day to day companion strategy. TechBuddy provide customers with on-demand independent technical support at home, when electronics are not working properly, through installing a new product or simply ease customers purchase decisions. TechBuddy make technology fun and easy, not just through support, but also by inspiring and guiding the customers. The company aim to be a filter between manufacturers and consumers in order for the customer to feel safe with all technology purchases, for example related to sustainable development, child labor and combating climate change. TechBuddy emphasize consumer power through shared-economy and information. 

nHack is a venture investor, managed and owned by long time Asia expert Chris Rynning, focused on helping Nordic businesses expand in China and Asia, working closely with Danske Bank and WeWork. nHack is a flexible partner for Nordic businesses, both able to be a local joint venture partner in Asia or an investor in Swedish holding companies aiming to expand globally. nHack has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen with commitments to expand to Singapore and Hangzhou in 2018.

TechBuddy founder Tahero Nori says: “TechBuddy is very excited to bring in Chris Rynning and nHack for our expansion in Asia, as this opens doors for us in markets where we want to rapidly deploy products and services. As a global company, Asia is a key market to enter for TechBuddy, and we're happy to bring on nHack and Chris to help us secure future growth.''

nHack founder Chris Rynning said: “TechBuddy is a phenomenal Swedish tech company with impressive track record and clients in Sweden and Spain. The sharing economy is booming in Asia, and no more so than in China, where we will be focused on our cooperation with TechBuddy. nHack is also excited to further expand our Swedish portfolio and aim to increase our presence in Sweden, Denmark and Norway through 2018.”

The terms of the joint venture investment have not been disclosed.