Tips for creating a safe password!

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February 10, 2020

123456, qwerty, 111111, password. Do you recognize these 'words'? In that case, you are using the most common passwords in the world - not good! Instead, you need to mix letters, numbers and special characters in order for the password to be secure, which many websites also require. You should not use words that can be found in the dictionary, or names of people in your area.

Therefore, you may come up with some rules in yourself that will make it easier for you to remember the word you choose.

For example, use numbers instead of letters, like this: A - 4, S - 5, T - 7, I - 1, B - 8. This can go on indefinitely almost, only if you have a little imagination. E.g. the word "Computer Mouse" could look like this: "C0MPU7ERM0U5E". Then you have a word that you can remember and change some letters to their corresponding numbers.

Another tip is to use classic phrases you learned in school when you were little or other sentences. Start by putting together a sentence or a phrase, eg: "I live in Stockholm on Bondgatan 56!" If you then take the first letter of each word, your password will look like this : IliSoB56! You get a much more secure password that is easy to remember.

You should not have the same password in multiple places. Therefore, you can mix in the website in the password to remember it more easily. For example, a password for Facebook could look like this: "I have 75 friends on Facebook." This then becomes: Ih75foF.

To summarize

- Avoid passwords like 123456, qwerty, 111111 and password.

- Exchange letters in the password to numbers

- Use the first letter of the words in classic frames or sentences to create a unique password

If you haven't planned to change your password yet - DO IT! Having a secure password is more important than many people think, so to spend a few minutes extra to work out one is worth it. Once you have come up with a system for your passwords, it is usually easy to remember.

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