iZETTLE - SP700 Kitchen Printer Set Up and Install

Installation Checklist

SP700 Kitchen Printer

  • Connect Ethernet cable into 100/10BASE port 
  • Connect Buzzer (if applicable) into the DK port
  • Connect the power cable and switch the printer on
  • Insert Paper using the guide on the next page
  • Insert Ink Cartridge using the guide on the next again page
  • Perform a Self Test to make sure IP address provided
  • Open Pro and configure the printer within the App

Performing a Self Test

  • Switch the printer off
  • Press and hold the Feed button
  • Switch the printer back on whilst still holding down the feed button, and release after 3 seconds the Printer off.
  • Wait for the second test receipt to print
  • We should now see an IP address on the bottom of the second receipt (see the picture below)

Inserting the receipt paper

Insert the roll with the outer side of the paper facing downwards, and the inside of the roll facing you.

Once you have done this, pull out a little bit of receipt paper, so that when you have closed the latch the automatic feed and cut takes place, preventing blockages.

Open the latch and slot the cartridge in with the ribbon feeding tube to the right hand side (highlighted in the white square). 

When slotting the ribbon in, make sure you place the ribbon between the paper and the impact mechanism, shown above.

When in the sales screen tap on the small cog at the top left.

Select Printers - You should now see an unnamed printer appear. If you tap on this you can now go ahead to set it up.

Switch on Kitchen Receipts and also Cash Drawer if the customer has a buzzer. If the customer would like to set the printer up to also print "station" receipts you can do this here. You can also rename the printer, which is recommended. You cannot print Standard Receipts with this printer.