iZETTLE - Socket Mobile Scanner Set Up and Install

Installation Checklist

Socket Mobile Scanner

  • Connect the power cable and make sure the red LED has lit up at the front.
  • Press and hold the small button on the top of the scanner to switch it on
  • Follow the steps on the next page to set up the scanner in iOS mode, within Pro
  • Connect the Scanner to Bluetooth
  • Test connection is working by editing a product and following the steps a few pages down

When in the sales screen tap on the small cog at the top left to get to Settings. Then select Integrations and enable the slider for Use Socket Mobile Barcode Scanner. Select Configure Barcode Scanner.

Tap on Reset and scan the barcode. There should be a sequence of beeps and the scanner will switch off. Wait a few seconds before switching the scanner on again. 

Tap on Setup and scan the barcode. There should be a few more beeps indicating successful scan and set up. Now we will want to pair the scanner to the iPad. 

Simply tap on Socket CHS [XXXXXX] - This is the Bluetooth address for the scanner model and will differ each time. 

Once you open Pro after connecting via Bluetooth, you should hear the scanner beep and see the green notification bar advising Barcode Scanner Connected. 

Test the scanner work by going into Settings - Products and selecting a product to edit. Then tap on Barcode or SKU field and use the scanner to scan a barcode - it should populate once scanned. Save and exit, and test the barcode on the sales screen.