iZETTLE - SM-L200 Mobile Printer Set Up and Install

Installation Checklist

SM-L200 Mobile Printer

  • Insert the battery to the back of the printer
  • Press and hold the Power/MODE button until you hear the printer powering on by making 3 slow beeps
  • Insert the receipt paper following the guide on the next page
  • Open Pro and configure the printer within the App

Insert the roll with the outer shiny side of the paper facing downwards, the same as the stationary printers.

Once you have done this, pull out a little bit of receipt paper, so that when you have closed the latch you can tear the receipt cleanly preventing blockages.

When in the sales screen tap on the small cog at the top left.

Select printers - You should now see an unnamed printer appear. If you tap on this you can now go ahead to set it up. 

You can't connect a Cash Drawer to this printer, so this option will not need to be selected. It is also not recommended to have this printer set to do anything other than Standard Receipts.