iZETTLE - mPOP Set Up and Install

Installation Checklist


  • Connect the power cable into the power socket
  • Connect the scanner into any of the available USB ports if applicable
  • Insert the paper using the following guide on the next page
  • Pair the printer using the Bluetooth pairing steps ahead
  • Open Pro and configure the printer within the App

Push the printer drawer until it clicks, which should release the latch and allow you to pull the drawer out. Insert the roll with the outer shiny side of the paper facing upwards.

Once you have done this, pull out a little bit of receipt paper, so that when you have closed the latch the automatic feed and cut takes place, preventing blockages. Close the printer drawer until it clicks.

Head into Settings on the iPad and then Bluetooth. You should see STAR mPOP-XXXXX under Other Devices. Tap on it to pair - once paired open the Pro app.

Once the Pro app has been opened, you should see a green bar advising mPOP Connected.

When in the sales screen tap on the small cog at the top left.

Select Printers - You should now see an unnamed printer appear. If you tap on this you can now go ahead to set it up. 

Switch on Standard Receipts and also Cash Drawer. If the customer would like to set the printer up to also print "station" receipts you can do this here. You can also rename the printer, which is recommended especially if the customer has more than 1 printer.

If the customer has the Star mPOP barcode scanner, head into Settings ans Integrations. Switch the slider on for the Use mPOP barcode scanner option.