iZETTLE - iZettle Reader Set Up and Install

Installation Checklist

iZettle reader

  • Press and hold the power button on the top of the device
  • Connect the USB cable into the top of the reader and directly into and available mains socket
  • Pair the reader with the iPad using the following steps on the next page
  • Open Pro and configure the reader within the App

Ensure the reader displays the following, indicating it is ready to pair with the iPad. If it doesn't, you can press and hold the blue tick until the reader bleeps.

Once you have selected the reader on the oPad, a pairing request will pop up. Accept this on the iPad then press the blue tick on the reader to accept on the device.

Once paired, it should display that it has connected to the iPad and display the iPads name. 

Head into settings and tap on Integrations. From here you should select iZettle, which will bring a new option to select, iZettle Settings - tap on this.

You will be asked to sign in to the customers iZettle Account - Enter the associated email address and password and log in.

Select Card Readers which will bring up this display. You may see Firmware Update Available - Update the firmware if this does show, which will take 5-10 minutes to complete. 

If you tap on a product and select Pay you will come to the Payment Due screen. Select Pay with iZettle on the left - this will allow us to check the reader connection is working fine.

If the firmware has been updated you should be prompt with the following screen, simply press on the X on the reader to refuse the Tip.

You should now be given the final screen prompting to insert or swipe a card. Do not do so, but select Cancel. The reader is now set up to take payments.